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Wealth Creation

Everything has a beginning! Wealth is simply the term that is used to define a person’s capital base. Wealth creation involves us examining the most appropriate ways that you can begin, implement and develop a strategy to start this important journey to building your capital.

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Wealth Management

Building one’s wealth is important as is the importance of the ongoing management of that wealth. The success of a person’s growth in wealth over time relies on developing a solid and evolving progress plan that moves with the inevitable changes people have in their lives. FMA Wealth works closely with its clients in both the management and structuring of their wealth journey.

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Superannuation and Self Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF)

We virtually all have superannuation but many people regard this as money being put into a dark hole! Quite the contrary, super is and should be regarded as one of the major if not the major wealth accumulation vehicle that is available for us to grow our wealth in a tax minimised environment. FMA Wealth specialises in the area of Self-Managed Superannuation Funds.


Debt and Cash Flow Management

Understanding that cash flow management is the oil behind managing one’s finances is a philosophy and practice that FMA Wealth have clients embracing.  Debt enables people to acquire their homes and other assets far sooner than if they had to save up the whole amount needed. Many people will be in debt for most of their working lives. At FMA Wealth we work closely with clients in helping them manage and pay off their debt in a practical and disciplined timeframe. Being successful in debt elimination over time revolves around proper cash flow management.

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Personal Insurance Advice

Does it make good sense to protect you and your family from the financial disaster that can result from loss of income through accident or sickness , or from death or permanent disability, after ever such common events such as heart attack, stroke or cancer? We would all answer, yes, absolutely. However, many Australians are either not insured or are underinsured. It is a gamble you should not take. Protecting your family, your future  and your wealth should be non-negotiable! At FMA Wealth, we firmly believe and practise the need to be properly insured.

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Finance and Mortgage Advice

Not only is it good to get the right loan at the right price (interest rate) but much of being successful in debt elimination over time revolves around proper cash flow management.  FMA Wealth helps clients with their loans, structures and getting them the right deal. The proper integration of any loan with your day to day banking set up is something that clients want and that FMA Wealth provides for them. A true value add is the personalised ongoing service we provide for your loans.

Analysing the Numbers