Frank MacDonagh & Associates Pty Ltd (ABN 86 095 138 766) T/A FMA Wealth Management, is an authorised representative of Paragem Pty Ltd (ABN 16 108 571 875) Australian Financial Service Licence No. 297276, and a credit representative of Mortgageport Management Pty Ltd (ABN 082 753 679) Australian Credit Licence holder (No. 386 671).

Brooklyn Bridge

Steps we take together

For this client/adviser partnership to work successfully, our experience shows that:

  1. We agree upon a course of action.

  2. We agree on what are the expectations from both sides.

  3. We agree and understand the anticipated benefits and risks involved.

  4. We implement the agreed plan.

  5. We monitor the plan and update it when circumstances change (as they do) over time.

  6. It is team environment partnership with trust and where honest feedback is a must.

Our Approach

FMA Wealth Management’s clients and their financial planning is our business. We work closely with our clients to identify their goals and objectives; and to agree on the best strategies to achieving these targets. Success to our clients is to reach their recognisable goals which means that success to us is to have successful clients.

It is a close partnership and trusted bond that must exist between clients and the FMA Wealth Management team. The foundation and growth of FMA Wealth Management's business is built through client referrals. We work on the philosophy that if we provide trusted advice and look after our clients, they will look after us.

At FMA Wealth Management, we are professionals who care about our clients. Clients pay us for our experience, knowledge, personalised advice and first-class service. Our clients are people who value our advice and service. We have a diverse range of clients but most are busy professionals seeking quality and trusted advice in this increasingly complex world we live in. They want solutions to their burning issues. They want to have a real plan for their lives ahead. This is why they are referred to us by existing FMA Wealth Management clients or by other strategic alliances that know that FMA Wealth takes trusted care of clients.